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Tag: Year 2020

Day 46: Find & Replace

One of my greatest tool or a function in Microsoft Excel is find and replace. A very cool tool. When I am looking up values and it happens there are […]

Day 43: 3 Profound Lessons

Today was a great day. I will tell you why. We were celebrating mum’s birthday. Yes, at her age…it is a very special way of reminding her how important she […]

Day 40: Humble Yourself

Never take humility for granted. You have heard it all along: Be humble, Be kind as is the right thing to do. Humility and kindness can help you get ahead […]

Day 34: Family and your Dreams

”…Robin, I have all the money I’ll ever need and a bunch of home scattered around the world along with a ton of public acclaim. But I am desperately unhappy. […]

Day 33: You cannot rush it.

While at times you can push and force results to come more quickly ; by pushing yourself harder and being as diligent as possible during the process, most of the […]

Day 27: Sow New and Improved Seeds

Do not judge each day by the harvest, you reap, but by the seeds you sow. Chinese Proverb Cause and effect is a fundamentals principle underlying the working of the […]

Day 26: Potray Faith

Faith is choosing to believe. Faith is a choice. It is choosing to act even when you do not know the outcome. It is choosing to act because you believe […]

Day 25: Where future matters

Have you ever tried thinking where you will be and what you will be doing in ten years? It sometime can be scary to think into our future. It is […]

Day 22: To prevail, have a why.

There are books that captivate us and make us glued just to see the ending. Each paragraph in such books is filled with deep power to change one’s perspective about […]

Day 20: Every step counts.

With stunning architecture, Rome is a masterpiece of art that endured rise and fall of Roman Empire and rose to be one of the greatest city, from a small settlement […]

Joy & Peace: A Settled Assurance that God is in Control.

Joy and peace are inseparable. A person must have Peace to have the capacity for prosperity and greatness. God may hold prosperity back until we build the capacity to enjoy it. No wonder the scriptures say; do not be anxious about anything rather pray with thanksgiving and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard our heart and mind.