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Tag: Gratitude

Day 43: 3 Profound Lessons

Today was a great day. I will tell you why. We were celebrating mum’s birthday. Yes, at her age…it is a very special way of reminding her how important she […]

When in doubt, default to gratitude.

Study shows that people who are grateful tend to show higher levels of well-being and happiness. They feel better about themselves and their lives, and improved mental health

Gratitude Day #5 Hurrah!

Gratitude Day #5 I have come to the end of my 5 days of gratitude. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome challenge. I have done some other challenges like 90 […]

Gratitude Day #4

Gratitude Day #4 Today is the fourth day of gratitude, awesome! I cannot stop to think how much blessed I am. Have you realized that it is very easy to […]