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Category: Spiritual Health

Day 126: Why You Should Not Fear to Fail.

Raising a child is the most experiential thing I have come to appreciate. Seeing my daughter grow in knowledge fascinates me. Observing her help me understand some life spiritual concepts. […]

Day 114: Be Brave To Wait – Do It Well

The national health insurance fund has asked all its members to apply afresh the choice of their outpatient hospital. With the current pandemic, they have discouraged members going to their […]

Day 111: The Results or The Process?

If you fail to achieve results for a long time (it is often the case when working on difficult goals/projects), the notion that you are doing well when you are […]

Day 110: What Do You Say No For?

Early this week I shared with you on why you should say yes. (Read it here) Today I wish to share again this time asking you to say no. Sound […]

Day 104 : Death and Motivation

Have you ever thought about your death? “Mmmh, but why would I want to think of my death James”, you may ask. To so many people, thinking about their death […]