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Did nothing? It’s okay!

For those of us who are always up and about like me, always on the move, working to get to the next desirable level in life, it can be disturbing […]

Choose gratitude today

Hello.. Three years ago I took up a five days of gratitude challenge where I had to write three things I’m grateful for in my life for five consecutive days. […]

Strong and Up

Hi there good people… It has been a while around here and I want to hope you’ve had rather a calm progressive period and if not, I believe you have […]

Gratitude Day #5 Hurrah!

Gratitude Day #5 I have come to the end of my 5 days of gratitude. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome challenge. I have done some other challenges like 90 […]

Gratitude Day #4

Gratitude Day #4 Today is the fourth day of gratitude, awesome! I cannot stop to think how much blessed I am. Have you realized that it is very easy to […]

Gratitude Day #3. Just Do it!

Gratitude Day #3 Hey there! If you have been with me for the last two days you know what we are up to for five days, if not you have […]

Gratitude Day #2

Gratitude Day #2 On the second day I am feeling enthusiastic and determined as I dig deeper on the things I am grateful for. I still want to admit it […]

Gratitude Day #1

Gratitude week day #1 I must admit that focusing and writing down the things am grateful for in my life is one real challenge! Not because there nothing to talk […]

What a gift?? Everyday gift!!

Time is most valuable commodity we have, we can make more money but we cannot make more time but we can redeem our time. We are given a gift called […]