Day 93: You are doing important work.

Three months of 2020 are over. That means the first quarter of the year is gone. How are you doing? With Covid- 19 pandemic, everything seem to have stopped. But […]

Day 92: Work hard, beyond minimum

One of the things young people are currently being accused of is that they do not want to work hard. It is said, they want easy things. They are not […]

Day 91: Just Change your Language!

Language matters a lot. Not the dialect, but the words you use. One of the most effective strategy to change your behavior and build up your yourself is to change […]

What Motivates an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is not all about making money. Although we all want a reward for our efforts, the reason behind entrepreneurship transcends money. Listen to John sharing his thoughts on being […]

Day 86: Hope even in difficult times

I shared this article October last year and I wanted to make it today’s hunch because it is very relevant now. The Corona virus is causing a lot of panic […]

Day 77: The Breaking Blessings

At some point in your life, you will encounter an experience that will hurt you. It will hurt you that everything will look stained and to avoid experiencing more pain, […]