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Day 184: Is Your Cheese Depleting Or is It Still Intact?

The pandemic we are all experiencing right now calls for a change. A change on how we conduct our personal affairs. A change in how we conduct our businesses and more importantly how we relate with each other. In a whole new light, the pandemic has given meaning to the famous statement; change is inevitable!

Who Moved My Cheese is a story written by Spencer Johnson which you can apply in your life when change become imminent and that will help you stop fearing what lies ahead of you but rather helps you thrive in times of uncertainty? The book is not just for managers, it is for everyone as I found out after reading it.

Spencer uses the Cheese as a metaphor for exact things we desire in our lives, a good life, a good job, a good relationship, more money, spirituality, health etc. The Maze in the book is where you look for those things, for example the organization you work for or your community. The bad thing is that the cheese does not last forever, it gets depleted. Life, like a maze keep changing, whether we like it or not.

Spencer shares stories of Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw and using these characters, he tells us how we all respond to change. They all represent different attitudes we have toward a change. The metaphor is so rich and I want to share with you three key lessons you can pick from the book on managing a change.

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Number one, Act. When you lose the cheese, do not overthink it. Start looking for another one. Each time you spend wondering and thinking what success looks like and how to get it instead of working towards it, is time spent not working for it. Use that time to work.

Two, Nothing will last forever, be mindful of the changes that may come around you.When you get a cheese, as much as you want to enjoy be mindful, pay attention as the cheese will keep depleting slowly and steadily. Run and find another cheese station. Do not be accustomed to status quo like Hem and Haw who indulged every day and were preoccupied not realizing the cheese is depleting. One day they woke up and realized someone has moved their cheese.  

And finally, A new cheese always exists. When you act, things turn out to be better. Remember, finding a cheese does not mean you are set for life. There is more cheese to find. Ham eventually got tired of sitting around and he decided to go looking for cheese all by himself. He dared to fight the fear in him and he eventually went his own way. Later, he meets Sniff and Scurry where they all shared a new cheese they had found.

The conclusion is, change is inevitable. Anticipate it and familiarize yourself with it. Once you adapt to it, you will be able to embrace and enjoy every bit of it. You will experience more peace when you do so.


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