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Story teller.

We fail to share our stories for various reasons. One, you probably don’t consider your story big enough to make any impact. Your testimonies are not as “big” as others you have listened to but that simple story could be what someone needs to hear. Even if you just changed one life, that one soul is very important to God.

Fridah Wachira

We all have stories to tell.

Sometime back i listened to a song by Morgan Harper called story teller. ( . This song has since then inspired me to share my stories. We all have stories to tell whether simple or breathtaking. Every story that could inspire someone out there is worth telling. I am very passionate about sharing my stories especially with people younger than me in years, experience and faith. A lot of people are struggling with the little things that you have already overcome. These things might seem obvious to you but they are not that obvious to someone else.  What is now a walk in the park for you might be a huge mountain to someone else.  

Never be afraid to share your stories because within those stories one can find motivation, encouragement and counsel. You may have readwhat others have shared and felt intimidated by…

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