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Day 178: Ambition And Its Limits (is it limited anyway)

Ambition, I have come to believe, is the most original and sacred fundamental attribute of our being. To feel ambitious and to act upon that feeling it is to embrace unique calling of our souls. Not acting upon our ambitions is to turn our backs on ourselves, and on the reason why we live.

Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something. It is the desire and determination to achieve success. Both men and women have ambitions. They desire to achieve and be distinct. They strive to achieve power, honor, spirituality, wealth and even fame. Ambition is the willingness to strive and to attain all this.

To be ambitious is to have or show a strong desire and determination to succeed in what you have put your eyes on no matter the obstacles.

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According to positive psychology, ambition is often confused with aspiration. They write, unlike mere aspiration, which has a particular goal for object, ambition is a trait or disposition, and, as such, is persistent. This means, if an ambitious person set a goal and achieve it, an ambitious person soon will formulate another goal which to keep on striving.

Hope and ambition are closely related. When you hope, it means you desire something and you are anticipating that it will happen. When you do not have hope, we may say you are in despair, fearful and hopeless. Ambition is desire for achievement and more importantly, willingness to put in the work.

Ambition can be a powerful tool that you can use to achieve a lot or can be a destructive enemy. Do not allow your ambition be misplaced or to be fueled by shallow wants and fleeting desires because you will eventually be dissatisfied and discontent. The scriptures warn us of such kind of ambition in Matthew 6:24. It warns us against greed and the ravenous desire to earn more money than you could ever spend. If affluence and materials are your ambition, you will never be contented.

Be ambitious. Be on fire, only that you do not let the fire burn you down.

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