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Day 173: It Is Courageous To Be Kind To Your Spouse.

The places where we find support and comfort require you to give something a little bit extra. Home is such a place, it is where we rest after a hard day. It is where we find peace, so it is a place we can sacrifice for deeply. It require you to be courageous to give it all.

I once loved with a friend in Nairobi university prefabs because I could not afford to pay rent for myself. I interrupted my friend and his room mates by adding myself to the crew. But my friend and his mates made me feel comfortable. I became comfortable and took up chores. My friend never complained. It was tough leaving when time came. It taught me the value of appreciating people living together with in the house. I also learnt, it requires courage.

To build a great home, I have come to appreciate the fact that it calls for one to be brave. It requires courage to be kind to your spouse. It require that you empty the dustbin even though someone else should be doing it? Can you serve in your own house? Be courageous and find your place in your own home. Serve and sacrifice!

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