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Day 171: You Are Unstoppable When You Know Abundance.

I want to share with you something my friend helped understand in a whole new way. She told me that, in this world there are two kinds of people. Those who believe there is enough to go around and those who do not. She told me, if for example, I see a woman walking down the street her husband holding her hand, I know how good it feels, do I try to steal her husband? No, I go out and get my own husband. I do not need to steal my friend’s husband, I know there is enough to go around.

What is my point…

What this revelation has taught me is that everything comes down to what you demand from life. I have allowed myself to accept nothing less than abundance for my life. I couple this with hard work and I know, eventually I will get it if I continue to be diligent. I will not tolerate poverty and loneliness, I will not rationalize why I am struggling because I am aware if I continue like that, bad fortune will stick in my life. I am wise now. I am undaunted. Other people opinion and setbacks I encounter will not stop me. I know abundance now.

God gives peace that passes all understanding. Jesus as well as Paul in his epistles promise there will be trouble in the life of a believer. Some of this trouble comes to everyone. Spiritual change and consequent growth, accompanied by better decisions, does often lead to better circumstances in both our social life – and even financially.

I have also learnt that, it takes almost the same amount of energy and to come up with with excuses as it is to find reasons why you ought to accomplish tasks. You choose where to direct your energy. One of them leads to better living! I hate negativity, I believe in possibilities because I know who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

So, the next time you catch yourself thinking you are not destined for success and that you should accept a bad fortune or circumstances you are in, my friend please change your thoughts. Remind yourself that you are brave and strong. Be dissatisfied with your current circumstances and come up with reasons why you will be successful – and actually why you ought to.

For example, Personally I have tried different businesses and have failed, not once, many times. But I still keep reminding myself that I can do more if I am in business. Nothing can stop me from making my goals come true. I will not accept anything else than abundance and prosperity in my life. My friend, your attitude and expectations impact your life in a very big way. What are you working and believing for?

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