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Day 166: Every Man Loves What He Is Good At.

Today was a busy day for me. Activities were bumper to bumper. I woke up before 5 for a 6:00 AM Become Forum that went up to 8:30 AM. Later in the evening, I started 15 mins late a 10:00 PM scheduled zoom meeting as I dozed off on the seat. The beauty of it all is, I understand the importance of every bit of what I do and in this case what I was scheduled to do today.

But it is not easy, sometime I feel like I will despair. But the more I do it, my love for it and the process comes along with consistent improvements. It become fun doing it as I become better doing what I love.

I am sharing this because I want to deconstruct the notion that to be an entrepreneur or if pursuing any other cause for that matter, you must love what you do. Though it makes sense to believe that, not everything is enjoyable to do. The fulfillment of certain needs in a community or the ability to solve problems is what matters. When your business or passion start doing well and you become good at doing it you will probably start enjoying it straight forward.

This applies to any other goal you maybe pursuing. Don’t wait to deeply fall in love with it. If your heart okays it, start and build patience. With time, the process become more interesting and you will not want to stop it.

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