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Day 165: I Know A Man Who Can!

Have you found out that, most of the feats you have successfully accomplished is through believing and thinking that you are able. Think about it. People have achieved the impossible simply because they entetained the thoughts that they were able to do something. My current job is merely because I believed I am able to work out Ms Excel functions and be able to hack some formulae and prepare data for presentation. I believed I can. If I thought I would not make it, I would not have tried to apply for the position and incase I did, I would have done it half heartedly which would be a guarantee to fail.

Reading different stories of different entrepreneurs, one thing stand out. They do not set any limit for themselves. When they decide to pursue an ideas, they start crafting and how they will do it. They do not waste time thinking whether they are able to do it or not.

With God on our side we will win; HE will defeat our enemies.

Psalm 108:13

The famous marathoners spend their time training to enable them compete. But I want you to note something, It is not the training itself that makes a marathoner win the marathon. It is what they tell themselves. It is the whispers they entertain in their mind. This is what makes the difference. The believe that you can make it.

So, whenever you find yourself in a thicket and you are not sure how to get through or a huge challenge and there is a low chance that you will emerge successfully, believe that you are able. Think you are able. Act as though you have got out of it as a winner.

Life is not a fairly tale, your plans will not always work. Your plan can fail terribly. Nevertheless, if you think you are not able, it will manifest outwardly and we can see it by your hesistant actions. It is a disservice to yourself.

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