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Day 163: Get Over It & Get On With Your Life.

If you want to go back to school while working – or even when raising
children, you may want to expect and accept all the inconveniences it causes or
that comes with it.

There is no way you are going to juggle all that without making a mess.
Going to the library means that you have to sacrifice the time with your spouse
or child. Going to the evening classes means you will have to give in extra
time and energy at your work place.

You basically accept the disturbance that comes with the re-modelling of
your life, in this case by going back to school. You want to be better at your
workplace and even grow in your career. If you want to change something in your
life, in order for the old to go, there also must be some chaos and confusion
in the process of that growth.


You will feel cranky for waking up earlier or sleeping later than usual. You
will feel exhausted and may grow weary. You might experience despair as you
figure out how to manage all that.

When you encounter this, you may feel like you
want to give up, you might feel frustrated especially if you are not in a
supportive environment. The process of change might weigh you down. But I want
you to remember (or know for that matter) that to go from worse to better, you
will experience annoyance, there is a lot of disturbance. My plea, feel it, get over it
and get on with your life.

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