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Day 162: Emergency Brakes For Overindulgence

Growing up, my parent would tell me I wouldn’t get something that I wanted. I would become angry and protest but there was nothing I could do about it. If I wanted to visit my grandma and then my mum say no, nothing much I could do, I would grudgingly accept the verdict. Now, unbeknownst to me, I learned that I could not always get what I wanted. I dare say it, it was and still is one of my most powerful lesson in self-discpline I could ever receive as a child.

Today, as an adult, I do not have such a gatekeeper, like my mum was. If I want to take 3 cups of coffee in a day, I can go on and have it, nobody will force me to take 8 glasses of water or take fruit juice instead of coffee. If I want to spend the whole day watching movies or chatting, nobody will kick me out and force me to go for a walk.

This freedom feels good but there is also a lot of danger in it. If we continue to do that, it is a disservice to our parents who taught us good morals and self-discipline as much as it is a disservice to ourselves and people around us. In essence, it is important to take an emergency brakes that will stop us from overindulgence just like my parent did.

I want to be very clear here, denying yourself nice stuff is neither easy nor fun. Never it is! However, when we choose to deny ourselves what come easy or what is easier to do, we are up for incredible benefits and opportunities to build up our character.

Unless you stay away from what you consider as your necessities for a period of time, you may never know whether they are really necessities, after all. Try and stay away from that thing you feel you cannot live without, doing this will give you a chance to understand what you need in your life.

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