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Day 161: Hesitate To Act, You Will Wish For A Second Chance

Hesitation is an act of pausing before doing or saying something. It is a delay in reaching a decision or reluctance thereof on account of uncertainty, caution or simply defiance. It is a very normal feeling especially when you are faced with a need for a big change or move in your life. This is expected, after all you are facing the unknown, unknown is always scary! Let me share my thoughts with you about this, though it is normal to hesistate, in the end the longer you pause and stare into the action you want to take, the more frightening it will appear, the more difficult it will become to jump right in and experience a new thing. Years later, you will look back and wish for a second chance.

At some point in my life, I could not take a cold shower, never! I want you to think of a change in your life similar to taking a cold shower. If you are like me, who take cold shower not matter what knows, the less time you give yourself to worry about how cold it might be, the more likely you are to jump in.

So, instead of wondering how tiring and uncomfortable it will be selling your merchandise to the neighbors will be, just put on your brave face and face them. The more time you spend meditating how unprofessional it might possibly be, the more likely it is that hesitation will kill and finish any small courage you have gathered inside of you.

I have used the same trick to declutter my room. Again, me and you know how it is easy to accumulate items in the house especially those that have some sentiments attached to them e.g. gift cards, what you do not realize, with time they become junk. In few seconds, if I cannot remember the memory the item gives, or a useful use for that purpose, I throw it away unapologetically.

If you need to make a phone call and you know you will have a difficult and uncomfortable conversation, hesitation will make it even more scarier. Take a plunge as quickly as possible and you will prevent any anxiety from growing and you will probably manage the situation more effectively than if you were to wait. Be brave and act now, do not hesistate. Do not ever, ever hesitate to do something simply because you are shy or think you could fail.

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