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Day 156: Would You Raise Them Any Different.

Have you ever come across a metaphor that goes like this: Your are the child of yourself, your own decisions, habits and beliefs.

In several instances, I have indicated that I am raising a two year beautiful girl and the question that keep coming in my head is whether I would raise her the way I am raising myself. Raising myself in terms of what I encourage or entertain in my own life. Self discipline, hardwork, bravery, grit, confidence etc. Because, they all work toward who I am becoming.

Are you a good parent that want to make sure that your child grows up with self discipline or are you a lazy lax kind of parent who will raise a weak willed young adult?

Do you understand and support your child or do you criticize and act very mean toward him or her when he or she makes a mistake while trying to learn something new.

Are you setting a good example. Are you expecting one thing from your child and then doing the opposite especially in their absence?

I hope you are raising that child well. Why, because if you do so, you will be proud of what they will become.

Raise yourself well.

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