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Day 154: Why He May Call You Without An Agenda.

God will call you to himself anytime. He will call you without necessary having an agenda or an important topic of discussion. He will call you and as you wait Him to speak, you realize that He says nothing. But why?

One of the best place I love to visit is Nairobi Safari Walk. It is one of the best place I’d love to meet God, assuming we had a face to face meeting. It is calm and full of life. Sitting in His creation and watching animals run while others rest to the tunes of birds makes it best place to indulge. Just us, sitting together and being.

His genius is amazing. By just speaking, the beautiful trees came up. The lion showed up, the buffalo and the antelope. The green grass and the shrubs just for us to relax on and everything else. All this because He loves us. You cannot walk through safari walk without feeling the love and it leads you to worship!

When you indulge in His creation, you reconcile with yourself, who you are and whom you are. You will become courageous when you know you’re God’s, The author and the finisher.

Today, even if you are stepping outside your rented house or walking through the park or even working in your small garden, look at the creation and realize how much you are loved and how much courageous you can be.

There is no better place to meet God more than spending time in His creation. Taking note of every single creativity God showcases. He want you to experience Him in a new way. That is why He will call you without necessary having an agenda. Just to reveal His awe to you. Let this encounter make you more courageous!

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