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Day 153: The Tree In The BackYard Does Not Have All The Luxury

A tree in the bush or in the forest have all the freedom to play by its own rules. It can spread its branches out as high and far as it can. This is a wild tree, it does not have a dresser and so no one cares about its productivity. This is not possible for a tree in the backyard, behind the office or along the streets, we have to ensure that the tree gives us the fruits we desire or it offers us the aesthetic value we so much need, otherwise we prune it.

Pruning is a practice of removing specific parts of a plant such as branches or stems that are dead or infected by diseases or are harboring pests. It is also trimming a health branch for a healthy plant development.

The core reason behind the pruning is to remove dying branches with an intention of giving room new and healthy ones to grow. The old and dying branches prevent healthy growth of the tree, they also compete for resources. The old branches are a risk, they grow dry and can fall injuring passersby or destroy a building.

I gave this illustration of pruning to help explain the need of pruning some aspects of our lives if we want to see a healthy growth in our own lives as well as in our business and families. We experience stagnation and contention in our day to day living And the the only thing we need is identifying what need pruning. Pruning the specific behaviors that are no longer serving our purpose and that are unhealthy and that often derail us.

Some behaviors that are unhealthy may include, among so many others.

  • Chronic procrastination on our goals.
  • Not feeling like doing anything.
  • Turning to sleep or mindless activities and entertainment for comfort.
  • Avoiding doing what you should be doing
  • Looking down on yourself.

When I experience a state of disharmony in my life, I will get a sense of what is making me feel the disharmony. Sometime, it is the environment I am in, other times it is the people around me and still it could be something to do with my lifestyle. Often, it is a combination of all these. Pruning them helps me stir myself out disharmony and experience more harmony in my life.

What will you prune? Why do you need to prune it?


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