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Day 151: You Are Not Missing On Anything When You Choose To Be Present. (Find out why)

When was the last time you left your phone behind? Have you ever done that? Did you notice whether you became fidgety and thought how much you are missing?

We constantly check our phone for any IG, Twitter, Facebook or email notifications because we do not want to miss on anything happening out there. My experience lately is, we are missing almost everything when we choose to allow ourselves always be on those keypads. Allowing our faces to be engulfed on the screen.

Maybe it is not a phone, maybe it is the TV, or your laptop or simply your favorite book. You know that thing you turn to when you choose to escape, yes, that’s what I am referring. Sometime we need to put them down, they cannot always be our crutch all the time. Something has to stop.

If I love the people around me, I therefore have to be present for them. I have to just be there and be able to read between the lines, read even the unsaid. I want to experience my daughter growing. I must be there during pain as well as in times of joy. This is not practical if my face is on the phone or TV all the time.

It require a lot of courage to know and believe that you are not missing out on anything when you choose to be present and be there for others. When you choose to switch of the TV. Believe that wherever you are, that is exactly where you are supposed and are meant to be.

Personally, my desire is to be present to everyone talking to me. I do not want to multitask, in want to listen actively with no distraction. I want to be present to people around me. I am certain Jesus would be pleased with me if I do this, remember he asked us to love our neighbors just as much as we love ourselves. Loving them means being present with them.

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