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Day 150: What To Do When Your Soul Is Shroud In Despair.

We are living in a world full of pressures. We find encouragement from friends. We too encourage other people and help them navigate difficult times. Though it is important to keep encouraging others, it is more important to know how to effectively encourage ourselves. Why is it important? Because difficult times, at some point, finds us all!

Anytime we go out about our activities or duties and leave our families behind, we hope that on return they will be safe and we’ll find them in peace. When this happen, we are happy. We thank God for taking care of our loved one in our absence. What if this does not happen like it didn’t for a man named David.

On return from a military expedition, He and his men found, in their absence, their wives, children and wealth had been taken away. Discouraged, angry, and bitter, David’s men turned their rage against David and wanted to stone him to death. He was distressed because, his family too had been taken away and was succumbing to pressure just as they were. And here the men want to kill him! It must have been difficult for him. Really difficult!

With all these circumstances facing him, he encouraged himself in the Lord. He alone was the only thing he could call his own at that particular moment. Everything else was gone; his family had been taken away, his house burnt and his men were turning against him. Only God who they had not stolen from him, he encouraged himself in Him.

Many are times when we rely in others for encouragement, but what happens when there is no one to encourage us. How do we resist the pressure of the moment. When circumstances are dire and despair is about to shroud our souls. When we are going through darkest moment possible in our lives, is it possible to surround yourself with the light from God. It is hard to do so unless you make a serious effort and encourage yourself. Anchoring your encouragement in God.

After he encouraged himself in the Lord his God, David prayed and the scriptures reckons that he recovered everything. Nothing was missing! He brought everything back. That can only happen if you just don’t rely on external motivation to pursue a course. You may not achieve much if all you do is consume external inspiration only.

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