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Day 148: Light Someone Else Path By Sharing Your Wisdom.

Our faces lit up when we experience wisdom being courageously shared with us. Don’t we? Today I want to share with you how we too can have such wisdom and why we too can courageously share it. God is generously willing to give us wisdom if we ask. He gave it to Solomon when he asked. Wisdom is such an incredible gift from God.

Now, if you have been given wisdom, (you can actually ask God to give you wisdom, He is so generous and He will surely give you m) please offer the wisdom freely to others.

You might be asking, am a young person, am not so learned, what wisdom do I have to offer? Let me tell you, everyone knows more than someone else. You have something to offer. I would love you to build up your courage and be brave enough, believe it, be courageous and share your wisdom.

If you walk with God, He will expose and reveal to you His thoughts. He will Light your paths. God will use other wise people to help you see your path clearly. When you choose to share your wisdom, He could as well use you to light other people’s paths. He gives you wisdom freely and you can give it to others freely. You are qualified to do that.

Share it with everyone, people who are older than you. Share it with people younger than you. Share it with your agemates. Share it with your family members. Ask God to empower you and give you opportunities where you can share your wisdom with other people.

Be brave. Trust the process. Let God use you to light someone’s path.

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