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Day 147: Goals Have Costs Associated With Them.

If you make a decision to build a house and to avoid being disappointed at that prospect you will need accurate calculations of what you will require to put up the house and so you will be able to manage your expectations. You will be aware of the time and efforts required in building the foundation and laying all the necessary utilities.

Having said that, let me bring to your attention one main concept of goal setting that get ignored by many. This is the cost of pursuing a goal.

There are two things about goals, one is that goals have a time line and second is, goals have a cost associated with them. This is unlike a vision which is simply a dream. When it comes to goal setting, there are often costs associated with achieving those goals.

When setting goals, many people do not factor the cost involved in achieving those goals. This explains why at the beginning of the year many people get excited to start new goals unfortunately, they do not think about the costs associated with them and thus these goals never get to be achieved.

Before you commit to pursue a goal, understand all the costs that come with them as you start working toward achieving your goals. The main cost is usually financial. Other costs include emotional and social costs.

Wishing you the very best in your goals!

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