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Day 145: Your Time Has God’s Purpose In It.

Today I came to fully realize that the time we have is not entirely ours. The current pandemic, that has forced countries to enforce lockdown and curfews in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus has led us to appreciate time spent with our families and friends.

It all started as birthday surprise by Purity, and because it could not work with her alone, she had carefully spoken to a friend who by all means, I value and as a result of that fact, I was easily ensnared. How that happened, I still do not understand.

My plan was to prepare and leave earlier for the day’s afternoon errands. Unfortunately, my plan did not work and instead found myself picking guavas at my friend garden. Thanks to Purity well orchestrated plan.

To cut the long story short, wqe had a good time sharing the cake. The room would have probably been full were it not for the caution everyone is taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. All in all, we had a good time. Everyone was happy to see me ‘surprised’.

In the process, I learnt that there is no better way I could think of to spend my time. Giving my time to the people who matter most in my life.

It led me to understand and appreciate that the time given to us is created by God and thus it belong to Him. If this is true then, I have to be generous with my time in a selfless way since I am only a custodian.

It is easy to believe that your time is so precious and that you need to conserve it for yourself. Serving other people, talking to a neighbor or leading a small group of people can lead God to supernaturally move in other people’s lives.

My friend, giving people your time is not a walk in the park. When circumstances show up and prevent you from doing what is valuable continue being brave and being generous with your time trusting that your time has God’s purpose in it.

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