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Day 144: It Was My Birthday! Does It Matter?

When was the last time you celebrated? When did you last raise your glass and made a toast in celebration? My two year old keep doing it every time in the house, raising her bubbly water saying cheers to everyone, you cannot ignore her and she reminds me why it is celebration time, all the time.

Today was my birthday, I took time to reflect on what has happened in my life over the couple of years and why I need to celebrate even the most mundane. First, I questioned whether I really do have anything worth of celebration. It turned out there are many. Secondly, does it matter really? Let me share my two cents thoughts.

Celebration is key to our well being and our ultimate achievement of success. If the Israelites, as they traversed the desert toward the promised took time to celebrate their journey from where they were coming from, we would be reading a different text today. I mean, they experienced what I’d term as first hand kind of miracles but yet turned away from their master. Disobeying the same person who saved them from slavery. Their story is a long one just as the journey to the promised land was.

When you go through something and emerge successfully, when you do not take time to celebrate that accomplishment, you are robbing yourself and important feeling that reinforces your success. When you celebrate your small wins, you will not only feel great in your physiology but it also enhances your demeanor when you encounter a new challenge or an opportunity.

You will be telling your brain that what you are doing is not all that important or exciting when you ignore to take a moment and celebrate even the smallest tasks. You will breed a feeling of emptiness which will lead to lackluster performance over time. (After all, nothing to gain for my efforts, I can as well relax and not put extra effort )

My friend, I have learnt that great success is not a one day achievement. It is achieved through a series of small successes. This small successes are composed of learning which come often through failure. Success is achieved through a learning process, so, in your busy schedule, take time and celebrate. Even the smallest of gains, you will be looking forward to the next celebration and this keeps you energized to put in extra efforts.

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