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Day 143: You think You Are Important? Do Other People’s Opinion Matter? Find Out.

Do you consider yourself as an important person in your life? How much more do you consider other people’s opinion than your own. It is funny how even though we highly value ourselves as important, we still consider other people’s opinion more than ours.

Have you ever received criticism from your friends especially if you do something different from what they consider a norm? Think of a young man or woman who choose to stay indoors and study declining to join his/her friends for a night party. This can result to criticism from the friends. If you lack trust in yourself, such negative criticism can result to self doubt and can compromise your ability to achieve your long term goals.

I do not know how this works, whether it is a deliberate attempt or it is something that happen by reflex among people. People who are the opposite of what you want to achieve criticise you out of fear of being inferior to you. How does your success say about them? If they do not maliciously attack you, they will resist from a distance. They will give you an ill hearted advice which is intended to make you conform to their status quo.

The truth is, it is unwise not to value opinions of other people. How much we value others’ people opinion more than us is debatable. We cannot assume we know everything. The point is, we ought to find ways of protecting ourselves from self doubt upon hearing criticism. .

Everytime I receive criticism, either because of my choices, the question I ask myself is, can the person criticizing me qualify and serve as a role model to me? Can a friend whose health is deteriorating because of alcohol criticise or ridicule my resolution to take fruit juice, is his/her opinion valuable to me? Does he/she set a good example? Why should I care listen to him?

To conclude, it is written in proverbs, better is open rebuke than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy. An enemy will definitely bring self doubt!

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