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Day 73: How do you define yourself?

Today, make a firm decision to exercise restraint anytime you are tempted to define yourself by something you used to be. Do not define yourself as a man or woman who used to be lazy and drunkard, define yourself as a person who is doing his or her best to ensure the best future possible for himself or herself. Your self definition will determine how far you can go.


How we define ourselves matter a lot especially on how well we will build our efforts toward a sustainable change. Defining ourselves by our behaviors limit us very much. For example, if I am recovering from drugs abuse, it would be limiting to define myself as a former drug user. I do not think it is an empowering way to define yourself.

We do it all the time, you must have come across someone saying, I am an ex-convict or ex-smoker or ex-drunkard. That is behind you. It makes more sense to embrace the present and come up with a different definition of yourself that explains who you are and what you are currently engaged in and not what you are no longer.

I have grown with quiet a number of challenges, my background has been the most humble one. That is past, it did contribute to the person I…

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