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Day 140: The past Is The Best Predictor of Future Behavior

A popular advise tells us not to think about the past but rather focus on the future. The past is gone and we cannot change it. I agree and do not refute this truth but I want to share some thoughts. About past behaviors.

A certain maxim which is popular in psychology circles says that the past is the best predictor of future behavior. If you keep saying you will do something when some specific conditions changes, you know very well you may never act. And the conditions never became right!

This rule is not a good one. We do not change because circumstances are right to do so. If at all is a productive rule nobody would ever change. It only work when you have been thinking of doing something for so long and you ended up putting it off. You think when conditions are right, you will certainly do it. It did not work.

If you have been telling yourself that once some conditions conditions are right, you will surely act on some goal, count how many times you have told yourself the same thing in the past. Did the conditions get right and did you do it?

This happens to so many people all the time, and even that is what probably will happen now to some who will go with this rule. But there is something you can do, when you find yourself writing a list of to-dos, and you are listing the conditions that need to be right before you act, be brave, tear that list down and act now!

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