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Day 139: Failed? The Internal Locus of Control (It Will Help You Bounce Back)

Has any failure in your life offered you any lesson? Failure can offer valuable feedback that can help us achieve our goal. The tragedy is that many people do not pay attention and end up losing a very great opportunity to learn. They attribute failure as having no luck.

They blame themselves for not taking enough control over their affairs. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it disempowers you to exert more effort in the subsequent attempts. If it goes unchecked, and not take a personal responsibility to learn, you could end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Because such people do not want to take a personal responsibility and learn, they start a downward spiral which makes them less motivated, they become frustrated and think how unfair the world is. It is not the world that is responsible for the failure, it is their lack of taking responsibility for their failure and learn from it.

Today’s hunch was an encouragement to not ignore our failures, we can learn a lot from them especially how to navigate through life, either at your work place or in your business. Always check what you did that caused the failure first other than looking for a reason that you could not control.

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