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Day 138: Hope Does Not Put Us To Shame

One thing I became aware of about myself is that I give up very easily. It is very easy for me to walk away from something especially if it seem to take long before yielding results. Consistency has never been my greatest attribute. But as I grow older, I am realizing that for me to achieve any of my goals or build up courage in my life, I have to persevere consistently.

I have felt like stopping writing this blog, not once! I have felt like doing a resignation letter, many times. Sometimes it can get difficult and things can be very hard in life. I have felt like walking away and restarting again. But I hang on, I hang on because I know there is light, a light on my feet that tells me to keep walking. It tells me, keep writing James! Hold on to that thread, do not cut it!

Let me put a disclaimer here before I write further, you are in abusive relationship, am not telling you to persevere. Your budget is economically affected, am not saying you persevere and stay in that highly priced apartment.

If you have prayed and the prayer never seem to be answered, persevere. God does answer prayers. If your job is not what you had hoped for, hold on (Go back to college.)

Do not give up. Do not quit. One of my favorite scriptures is in Romans. It reckons that perseverance builds up our character and brings us hope. Hope is something worthy our fight. Hope does not put us to shame. Fight for it.

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