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Day 136: What A Detour Mean.

Have you ever got to a point where you feel your life is going on well but then something changes immediately. You were to join a medical school but then all over a sudden you find yourself in a totally different thing. Then you are like, why did I not get into a medical school?

You have heard me express my desire which was to join medical school. Maybe that’s why I gave the above example. It did not happen, by the time I was getting my admission to pursue course as a clinical officer I had already haphazardly often to pursue social science in community development. Initially, it broke my heart because I had always wanted to be a medical doctor.

So, I ended up exploring a different field. Although I came to appreciate my new found field, which actually changed my outlook about people and communities it was a huge detour for me. It birthed my quest to write and share stories.

Later in my life, I have experienced different detours and where questions have lingered in my head, what if I do not get what I have been working for or get to the place I have been walking to.

To be sincere, it is never a fun thing to imagine leave alone experience it. You can experience detours in your relationships, your work, in your friendships and even in your family. They are changes which come and you never had planned.

My take in all the detours I have experienced is that through them God takes us to where we are actually supposed to be. Where we are supposed to go. If you have a detour now, you will come to know this in the long run. Since God loves you, a detour in your life could possibly be a way of getting you to look up to him. It could be a way of letting you build up your courage and trust Him even when you do not understand what you are doing.

Because God sees the whole picture, you can trust Him even when He derails your plan. When a drastic change occur in your life, be brave and let God.

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