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Day 135: A Hack To Fully Kill The Need Resist Temptations.

Do you have a dozen of things you are resisting every day? Are you battling with temptation to eat flies which you know you shouldn’t? It can be boring when you spend your every day resisting or fighting a temptation. E.g. sleep longer in the morning instead of journaling, watching a movie instead of working out or reading a book etc. Life should not be lived like this, it should not be a struggle for a never ending battle of resisting temptations.

If you find yourself having to fight temptations each day, it may not be sustainable and you may find yourself giving in to the same temptations you are trying to resist.

...but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.
James 1:14 NIV

I know you are asking, so what is it I ought to do? The ultimate goal is to live your life in such a way that you will rarely have to fight temptations.

The easiest way to kill the need to keep fighting temptations is to change your Identity fully. When your identity changes in regard to something, you do no longer see the need to fight off temptations. This is because, you do not encounter them as much. For example, if drinking alcohol is no longer part of your identity then there exist no temptation to fight. Previously, drinking alcohol was part of your identity and now it is not congruent with your new identity.

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