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Day 134: Exposed – The Truth About Being Courageous

One of my greatest texts I have ever read is by David to his son Solomon, he tells him in first book of chronicles, be strong and courageous. He goes on to tell him that he should not be afraid or be dismayed. Wow, that is a father passing down wisdom and advise to son!

Now, maybe no one has ever told you something closer to what David told his son. Maybe the need to be brave and strong was and has never been whispered to you by anyone. No problem, if you look all around your life, you can profess that courage has brought you this far. It is within you!

Having said that, I want to break some new to you today and tell you: there is not a single facet of your life that cannot be changed or improved by being courageous. Think about any significant change in your life, it required you to portray and act with courage.

Being courageous is not for the nilotes who we know are the warriors and kill lions neither for the family men who protect their families from an intruder. It is for you and me. It is being courageous even in your relationships with God. It is being courageous with your goals and dreams. It is being courageous in your relationships with your friends.

So, be courageous in all the areas of your life. Be courageous during all of your life transitions. Be courageous when you are experiencing pain and difficulties. Be courageous with everything that is yours. Be courageous wherever you are. Do not be afraid or be dismayed, God will be with YOU! He will not forsake you, that’s the truth you need to know to remain courageous.

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