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Day 133: Do you Have Questions You Find So Hard To Answer? Why You Should Not Be Afraid.

Most of my life discoveries happened when I tried amidst fear. When I started sharing insights and my thoughts on this platform, I did not know how it would turn out. It turns out, it was a good decision. Even now, I write in Faith. I shun any fear that would stop me. It calls for bravery, being brave enough to try.

Because we all have different and unique call or purpose, what I would call bravery may mean something different for another person. But they all lead you to the same thing, life altering discoveries.

Think about the questions that keep popping up in your heart and which you do not know the answer to. Some are questions you find very hard to answer. Think about them for a moment.

It could be changing a job, entering into a relationship or moving from one and so on. You might be asking, Do I resign from my job? Do I change my career even when I know I am fast approaching fifties, do I ask her out for a date?

These questions can be hard and the reason why you have not said yes to them is simply because ‘you are afraid’. When I experience such a dilemma, I have found it wisdom to go before God and ask him to help me be brave. This helps me answer those hard questions based on how He lead and help me. Trust me, He does lead someone.

When I said yes to exploring how streaming online works, I did not know how impactful it would be. When a point of need approached, it came in so handy. My point is, do not let fear win, ask God to help you answer those questions in your heart.

Your friends may not and possibly will not see your future. When we choose to take forward steps, we can only do so by saying no to fear. I will encourage you by reminding you that God desires and want to make you strong and brave. He got you, He got your life, your goals and your future. You can trust Him with the process.

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