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Day 131: What Do Your Actions Say About You.

On a daily basis, what actions are you engaged in? I want to share an idea which I have been implementing, about what I choose to do or not do. Every Individuals controls what actions they take or actions which they avoid to take. In the long run, the actions you take or do not take controls you as they will determine who you become.

When you are thinking about the person you want to become, ask yourself what the person you want to become would and would not do. You are defined by actions you take, if you want to change yourself, you change the actions you take. If you take people photos professionally, you are a photographer, if you run, your are a runner and if you write and operate a blog, you are a blogger….all these are defined by the actions they take.

Think about each and every action you take as a building block of the new person you want to become. Think about the actions that are congruent with the person you desire to become and also the actions that are not. Pursue those that show congruence.

So, having said that, when you come up with your goals, make a list of actions that you will engage in to help you become. Most importantly, alongside this list, come up with actions you will desist from doing. If you want to become a more positive person, you may want to express gratitude more regularly, stop complaining and being critical.

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