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Day 129: Why You Need to Face Up Your Emotions

Emotions are good. They help us interact with our surroundings. Managing our emotions is a whole new topic being discourage everywhere, Daniel Goleman taking the lead.

In today’s hunch, I want to share my thoughts on the subject. Do not try to suppress your emotions because in the long term you are intensifying them. If you suppress them, very soon you will have to face them head on. What I mean is, you do not deliberately avoid situations that brings discomfort. For example, taking up a project because your fear you might fail or not applying for a job position because you fear the interview.

When you avoid an emotion temporarily you only dull the pain and potentially dissolve any possibility of having emotions you would like to experience, for example, friendship and adventure.

My honest opinion, face up to your emotions but not running away from them, learn to handle them in a more appropriate way and their effect on you soon will dissolve completely.

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