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Day 127: I Still Cling To These Words. (They Have Worked In Me)

When we choose to speak, we have two options; to speak in a way that will build or to speak in a way that will destroy. I can tell you how words have built and gave me life. Words that strengthened me and brought healing. Still, I can tell you how words broke my heart and made me feel demoralized.

I clearly remember some words spoken to me when I was a small boy growing, perhaps class I was in 6. The lady friend of my mum told her, in my presence, ” Your son is so generous, he will be very successful”. I still remember those words like they were said yesterday, I still cling to them even today. I do not know the woman, but I still remember her words on me. They encourage me when I feel like giving up. The words we use can have a tremendous impact on another person’s life. With them you can build them up or break them down.

It is great how we have the ability to use words that can bring healing and strength to other people. The words that we speak can add joy, build hope, and sustain the health of the people who are around us. Speaking hurtful and demeaning words to other people can cause them to fail and breed low self esteem.The tongue has no bone but it is strong enough to cause wreckage and break a heart.

I know you have experienced words that have hurt you, just like I have too. This is true because, as long as you are a human, you have experienced pain of words wrongly used on you. I have been mean to people too, maybe out of knowledge.

Everyone love it when another person encourages and also acknowledge them as they move along life. It feels great when someone tell you that you look lovely and that you have done a good job. It is awesome to be told that you are amazing! Just as we feel good when we are told good things, we too should deliberately choose to use kind words and speak life into and over the life of our friends, spouse, workmates, classmates and children (and anyone we encounter in our live).

Remember, words can hurt but any person who is becoming, any person who is courageous and anyone who is brave avoids reckless words. They do not gossip and also do not use their words to hurt others. They use their words to cause healing in others. They encourage!

Strong people allow God’s Word to flow from their mouth enabling them to speak with a lot of kindness and to care about other people’s hearts, minds and bodies by speaking kindly of them. This goes a long way in healing and lifting someone. Words can bless and words can crush. If they are not founded in love, they will always be harmful in one way or another.

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