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Day 126: Why You Should Not Fear to Fail.

Raising a child is the most experiential thing I have come to appreciate. Seeing my daughter grow in knowledge fascinates me. Observing her help me understand some life spiritual concepts.

She runs to me everytime she get hurt while playing. When her mother punish her for a wrong she did, she runs to me remorsefully. She like hanging up with me (just as she does with her mother) and we have become close friends, she knows I love her and cannot send her away.

My desire is to see her grow knowing that she is loved. I believe it is a good thing to know you are loved, I do not know your thoughts on that. When you walk through out your day, failing or winning, with the knowledge that you are loved, it becomes easier to accept outcomes either way. Knowing you are loved makes you brave to move out and try.

It become even more interesting and fun when you are walking in knowledge of who loves you, you know you got a safe place to go to. You know where you can find rest from a tiring day. You know where you can go when it become difficult and when you experience failure. You know where you can lean on and express your frustration.

The fact is, when you fail, you do not become a failure. When you build courage and try something new you become more brave. We go wrong when we allow the failure to define who we are. Failure ought to teach us.

Just as my daughter finds a place to run to, even us then ought to know and understand that we have a Father who love us. When I discipline my daughter, sometimes she cry, she looks at me with her watery eyes, I hold her up and comfort her. We laugh again and play together. She knows I love her. And nothing will replace my love for her.

So, when we fail and we feel as though we are failures, remember we can always be brave and build up our courage to rise up and try again because we know God loves you no matter what you have done.

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