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A Love Letter To Barcelona.

This is one is amazing, the words are well crafted and affording to take you on a journey. Thank You Sandra.
….I also think about your beach parties, a lot. Your all-night beach parties!

Your vibrant music!

Your festival scenes!

Let's Talk with Sandra Tacko

There’s an energy to the City of Barcelona that becomes infectious.

Hi. I am Sandra Tacko, I am crazy amazing, I believe in grey areas and the universe and welcome to my blog!❤

Dear Barcelona,




Mint with undertones of rum.

I’ve always pictured you smelling like youth and promise, with hints of marijuana and rum.

I am not much of a believer, but, let me start by telling you about Simeon.

Simeon: the man in the temple.

The Bible describes him as “righteous and devout”. And, like most people in the Bible, he spent his life anticipating Christ’s arrival.

When Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, Jesus Christ, brought the infant Jesus to the temple, Simeon saw Jesus and recognized him as the Messiah. The one he had spent all of his life anticipating.

So Simeon picked up the baby in his arms, and to paraphrase…

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