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Day 125: Life is Hard. So Hard, But Do Not Despair. ( Find out why)

Do you ever get surprised when something bad happens in your life? In my years, the ones that I have lived, I have come to know that life is hard. I should not be the one telling you this, am sorry, but it is true. Life is hard.

We go through difficult periods. We become sad. We get angry. We get frustrated and still yet get disappointed. You are allowed to feel all that but you are not allowed to despair.

You probably have lost a family member. A relationship might have broken up. A close friend came to you and told you that they were leaving. You received a correspondence indicating that your services are no longer needed and so you lose your job. You graduated from college and yet no job. Life is not easy as we would love it to be and that is the sad reality.

Having understood that, there is comfort. These comfort comes from the knowledge that God knows that life is hard and it can be painful at times. Scriptures in John reckons that you will have tribulations in the world but be of good cheer. He has overcome the world.

So, yeah, you are allowed to feel sad. To feel confused and be angry. Ask questions and so on. Only that you do not get to the point of despair. Even when it become so difficult and when the darkness grow more darker, do not despair. Instead build up your courage and realize your are more brave than you think. You will break through in a matter of time.

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