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Day 124: Give Everyone Around You This Gift.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”, Jesus said. whether this is said by a christian or any other person professing any other belief, me and you know how important and necessary this instruction is in our today’s world.

Being able to love yourself fully is a perhaps one of the most difficult task. Many people go through their lives without being proud and happy about who they are and who they are becoming. Growing up, we listened to whispers about how unlovely we were. These whispers were lies which we quickly believed. They grew and covered our souls.

How can you love others without first loving ourselves? It is difficult, it is not even possible. Once you let go of these past lies, you will feel a weight lifted off you. These lies stuck with me for so long and were so heavy on me. God taught me the truth. I started fighting for the truth untill I experienced the freedom that come after knowing and following what is known as the second greatest commandment; love your neighbor as you love thyself.

Loving someone simply means believing in them. When someone believes in you, everything else changes. It changes how you carry yourself, it changes how you handle and treat others and how you conduct your daily affairs. Give this gift of love to everyone around you, Love everyone around you. But remember, you have to love yourself to be able to love others better.

So, today have courage and start loving yourself. Pursue love for yourself and through it you learn how to love other people as well. Strong people love other people. How much do you love yourself? When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see yourself how God sees you? Do you realize how unique and lovable you are? When you know and understand this truth, you will not help but love other people.

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