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Day 122: The Need for Safety and The Desire for Growth.

We humans love predictability. We want to be sure about what our next move will bring. If I put my money on a project, I want to be know and be convinced how the project will turn out. We are driven by certainty, that we can be able to increase pleasure and avoid pain. Contrary to this, we as humans also love to explore the unknown. We are driven by uncertainty…to try new ways of doing things and seek the adrenaline rush.

When we are setting goals for ourselves, the need to be safe fights the desire to grow. Growth happens in the unknown arena. The danger zone. Mostly, we find ourselves choosing safety. We choose instant gratification. Growth is uncomfortable. We rarely choose the route that leads us to experience growth which brings bigger and better rewards.

Today, I want to encourage you. I want to tell you to expand the comfort zone circle. Overcome the need to feel safe by exploring different possibilities for your life. Face your fears and you will feel more powerful.

You may not feel energized all the time to step out of safety zone. At some point you may want the comfort of being safe. This is okay, it helps you re-energize and build up courage to face those uncertain moments. After every big step forward, take time and enjoy safety. Recharge yourself and expose yourself again to danger and growth.

This is the only sustainable way to grow. Stretch your comfort zone regularly in a sustainable way. Oscillate between safety and danger. Be brave to explore the uncertainty. The turbulent waters.

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