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Day 121: Not all Changes are Welcome: But we Have Hope on This Promise.

One of my favorite scriptures is in Romans, It reminds us that all things works for the good of those who love Him. The promise looks farfetched especially when you go through a change that you cannot make sense out of. I have experienced change in my life, good and bad. I do not admire change, it is scary. Our health change, relationships change, financial status change and our jobs change too.

Change will continue to occur, as long as the sun rise and sets, change is inevitable as they say. Just when you think it is over, when you hush away and you want to celebrate…here come another change. I am sharing this today to let you know, courageous people know change is for our own good.

You do not have to go out there seeking change for the sake. It doesn’t mean celebrating when a drastic even occur or you experience unexpected u-turn. It means building courage and hope that what God has promised is true. That everything will work together for your good.

Not all changes are welcome. Not all changes are celebrated or demand a party. There are good changes like starting a family or getting a promotion at work. There are also bad changes that are difficult, they pressure and stress us.

Losing a job is not fun. Breaking up a relationship is not fun either. Turning positive after testing for cancer can be devastating. It changes and disrupts your normal routine. Testing for Corona Virus changes your outlook. These changes hurt and holds potential to cause devastation. They are painful to deal with.

But even in all this, remember change is for our good. God promises are true. Your joy and peace is not dependent on surrounding circumstances. In every situation, remember God got you.He got your pain, He got your relationships and He got you job. Build your courage in Him and know that He is working for your wellbeing. He want you to be brave.


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