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Day 120: Who/What Controls How You Live (Do You Have Control?)

What controls your life? Is it the commercials on the TV? Is it the billboards hanging strategically as you enter and exit the city or is it your colleagues? If it is so, is that really how you would like to live. At the guidance of technology and the advertisers.

Many times we claim our environment is holding us back. We lay blame on the external circumstances. I want you to genuinely ask yourself, is it really your environment or is it just an excuse for you not to take some action? If indeed it is your environment, which could actually be the case, can you change it? I believe you can, I believe in your capabilities and courage to change.

There is no single person who forces you to hang out with a certain kind of people. No one forces you to spend all your time on Facebook and Instagram. No one forces you to eat that junk. No one discourages you from reading a book. And no one forces you to spend all-time day netflixing. No one really.

If your long term goals are dear to you, you can always consider changing some things. You can always adjust and move to a conducive place that is suitable for your personal growth. You can always say no. You can disappoint someone who wishes you fail. Again, it requires a lot of courage. You can, be brave.

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