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Day 119: Letting Go is Hard, But It Seems That Is The Only Way.

Ever held on to something so tightly and a time comes when need to let go? Was it easy to let go? It is really not easy to let go, it is only easier when it is said. We want to let go only when we are certain about the next thing to hold on.

Letting go is hard. I find it hard to let go something I hold on to and that I have treasured. But every time I had to let go, God moved and helped me grab the next bar toward the next good thing. It calls for courage to let go when not sure what else to hold on to.

I had to let go some relationships because they were bad for me. I had let go habits that did not promote my wellbeing. I had to let go murmuring and complaining. I had to let go the need to be right. It takes a lot courage. If something is not the best for you, my dear friend, let it go.

We may find it hard to let go because we are not sure about the next move but it is only when your hands are empty and free can you be able to find something else to grab. You can trust God, even though you cannot see the future. Trust His ability to guide you.

Courageous sacrifices has a way of building our capacity. If you let go courageously, you will reap because it is worth it. Believe that a new way will be made in the wilderness and a new thing will spring out when you let go what is unnecessary.

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