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Day 118: How Silence Can Place You For a More intelligent Conversation. (And build you up)

When was your last time you sat silently in your room? In the modern world, silence has become uncomfortable. With so many sources of information and entertainment, we rarely experience true silence.

You are either listening to music while exercising or watching a YouTube video when you are in a bus commuting. Movie and TV programs whenever we are in the house seems a norm nowadays. When we are not watching or listening, we are chatting with a colleague or friends.

With all this, it is hard to exercise silence. No one encourages silence anymore. It is uncomfortable like I said. Assume you are in a conversation, and the other person goes silent…It is awkward, isn’t it?

Silence is a powerful tool. If you can avoid distraction and be you and just your thoughts, silence can be a great tool to improve your self control and general wellbeing. The fact that it is uncomfortable makes it so effective.

Silence has helped me slow down especially in today’s fast paced environment. It has helped me analyse decisions I have made recently and has enabled me assess how well my goals are performing. You will be surprised how much valuable feedback you will gain from within when you are silent and alone.

Embrace silence even in a conversation – even where the conversation is so weird. Instead of responding to every opinion, exercise silence. Let the person you are conversing with finish their argument, by doing so you position yourself for a more intelligent conversation simply because you took time to listen. You are at an advantageous position.

All this builds you up. They help you to be more focussed. More self controlled and less impulsive. Be silent for a moment, every day or every week find some time for yourself and encourage some silence.

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