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Day 117: Are Your Hands Bruised for Holding on For so Long? What Should I Do?

When we hold on to hope, often we may feel as though it is a waste of time. Personally, I have developed rough patches on my hands having been bruised for holding on tightly for so long. It is painful when one can easily let it go and give in to hopelessness.

I have shared largely on being brave and the need to build courage to withstand the harsh wilderness we may find ourselves in. It would not be brave or courageous to let go and fall into the abyss of hopelessness. So giving up is not an option to choose. God is writing a story in and with my life and I believe He is too with yours. Hold on and let him continue writing the story.

I am sure someone maybe wondering, how do I hold on when it is becoming increasingly painful and hard to hold on. The bruises are all over your hands, you have held on for so long. It looks stupid to keep holding on, doesn’t it? Do not let go your Faith even though it hurts that badly. Hold on there. Do not give up on yourself.

But how long should I hold on? You may ask… Hold on until there is a clear voice inside of you that you are supposed to let it go. Ask God to help you. The people who are close to you can greatly help you. You will definitely hear it in your heart, there will be no doubt.

But as you consult and pray, endure and hold on to hope. Do not give up. It is very easy to give up. One thing I have come to appreciate is, Hope will not disappoint. The things we see now are just here today and gone tomorrow, the scriptures reckons and the things that we cannot see will last for so long.

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