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Day 115: Can You Feel Good In Spite Of a Failure? Is It Possible Anyway?

No one really feels good when they fail. It is often a sad feeling for many people especially where your resources have been wasted away. Can you feel good in spite of a failure? Is it possible anyway? You can find peace in the midst of failure if you adopt a ‘let us see what happens mentality’. I try new things every time, I see every new thing I want to start as an experiment. A lab test to prove or disapprove my theories about a prospect I probably think will succeed. When I invest or start a goal, I do so to gain insights and acquire knowledge and not merely to benefit.

For example, I opened a saving account when I clearly knew I do not have balances to save. I went ahead anyway, there was nothing to lose after all. If found myself saving on the account any balances on my mobile phone wallet. So far, I have some few bucks saved, not much but I am proud I started. What has this taught me? If I had not taken some action, I would have told myself I cannot save a dime with my current financial status. My action went ahead to prove to me: even when you have a strained budget, you still have some chaffs you can save.

You can adopt a similar mindset to any of your endeavors. For example, if you have a challenge exercising, develop a habit and start exercising, consider your initiative as an experiment to see how exercising works and check whether it will improve your overall performance and well-being. This way of looking at your goals ensure that no matter the outcome you will get, it will still be a success. This is so because you will have proven or disapproved a theory, and now you know what can work and what cannot.

If the experiment works for you, it will lead to a change you had desired. That is the whole concept of applying this kind of mindset. You defeat the initial resistance of trying a new goal by adjusting your initial expectations downwards and thus eliminating any fear that you will fail if you start.

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