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Day 114: Be Brave To Wait – Do It Well

The national health insurance fund has asked all its members to apply afresh the choice of their outpatient hospital. With the current pandemic, they have discouraged members going to their offices and instead have created an online portal where people can do so. I tried to log in so that I can make the adjustments but I was not successful. I called them for assistance. The call did not go through and had to wait for available representative. I was patient so I did not hang up, although I kept considering doing so.

I kept thinking, maybe I am the next caller they will speak with, I did not know when to hang up. Maybe I will wait for 15 minutes to get through – that is so long! What If I hang up and then call again, I could skip the line and get to speak to a representative. If you have tried to call company representatives for assistance in resolving a need, you can relate. You want to give up. You feel impatient. you still hold on; I may be next in line, or may be not. After a long wait, I finally succeeded, but on a later date.

This teaches us patience, both on our outside and on our inside. The realization allows us to build the courage to wait when you are in a waiting period. If you said yes to something or even said no to something else and yet you are still waiting, what do you do? Life has a lot of seasons, many of which are waiting seasons.

My hunch today, build courage to wait, do it well. Wait patiently with bravery. A number of people have been patient with me as I was learning. They did not rebuke me when I did not perform according to their standards. What this has taught me is patient while I wait. More importantly, it has taught me to be compassionate.

Surely none who wait for You will be put to shame; but those who are faithless without cause will be disgraced

Psalm 25:3

I love the statement that has been going round on social media: that, some of us have nothing, only God. If He does not come through for us, we are finished. Fortunately, He always shows up!

Be brave enough to be patient—not just outwardly, but inwardly.

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