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Day 113: Is Your Talking Substituting Work You Ought to be Doing?

You know someone who talks too much? Are they performers? Do they get work done? If a person often talk about what they are going to do instead of actually doing it, they are not only wasting time that they could have used to work on their goals or run their projects but are at greater risk of doing nothing at all. This kind of approach is dangerous because you can confuse it with what matters: Actual work! Talking about your goals does not in any way turn you into a person working on them.

Many small business owners get caught in this trap. They get trapped into talking too much. It will not be a wonder that, those who talk so much are the ones who are doing the least. You will find them on every workshop open, but when it come to carrying out the actual work, something slips away between the chaff and nothing get done. There is no progress, only chatters.

The people around you may be gullible, and may believe in you. This could help you gain some mileage. Please understand that, this is not a substitute for doing the work to help in achieving your goals. Popularity does not matter here. Work does.

My take, and my today’s hunch, be careful sharing your goals with others. Do not talk for a mere show off. Save the talk. If you talk to gain valuable feedback and to get support, go on and do it. Even the, the most important thing to know is, when you get a valuable advice, act on it. Get the work done.

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