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Day 112: Adopt an Attitude of Resourcefulness When Faced With a Problem.

Do you believe? What is your believe? We all have believes, something we hold on tightly. Something that makes a lot of sense and we trust it. During the difficult times, our believes help us navigate life with ease. They help us build conviction about the end result.

I have always had a belief. A believe that every problem has a solution. The solution maybe known or clear and sometimes very blurred. In many instances, the solution is not even perceivable – not even in the horizon, but the fact remains, there is still a solution.

I used to experience a hard time with mathematics in high school, especially on titration. After finishing a test and knowing very well I will not get it right, the rude shock always happened when our chemistry teacher would complete the calculations with ease – leave alone the teacher, my fellow colleagues: Joyce and Zack. I left wondering where I was going wrong. Later, I realized that, first I had to be deeply convinced of a way out. Recently in college, I was having a unit on qualitative techniques which I passed well, not with ease though but I was convinced of my ability to solve mathematical problems. I succeeded.

The fact that you cannot get a solution does not negate the fact that there is a solution. When we feel as though the solution is not forthcoming, majority of people may give in and may become desperate settling for less.

For every problem you face in the land of living, there is a capacity or potential resource you can employ and be able to overcome it. The key is to discover the capacity or the resource so that you can put in to use. When encountered with a problem, many people shelf themselves to discouragement and frustration rather than adopting an attitude of resourcefulness and researching possible solutions to their problem.

Let me bring to your attention that, very little comes from covering your eyes and wishing the problem goes away. Visualize every challenge or setback and prepare yourself how you will overcome it. The unexpected may continue and happen but they will not paralyze you as much if you maintain a solution oriented attitude having prepared yourself for it.

Faced with a challenge or a problem? Believe there is a solution to it – pursue it, you will find it. Thank you.

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